Rejoicing in Suffering

If you have 7 minutes to spare I encourage you to follow the link below to see great rejoicing at Korkel Bible College in the Nuba Mts on the graduation of these 9 students. These simple, warm hearted people experience bombing in the Nuba Mts nearly every day but on this graduation day there was great rejoicing in the Lord.

Bishop Andudu wrote that this link ( was made specially to show you that your support is bearing fruit and strengthening us in the body of Christ. He thanks you all for your support.
We are the main and in most years the only supporters of this Bible College in the Nuba war zone. You and I cannot go to the Nuba Mts to tell the people that God has not abandoned them but we can invest in these pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers and leaders who will share the gospel of salvation with these humble, warm-hearted people who rejoice even in the midst of suffering.

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