Making Wise Investments

Once again, I would like to thank you for your support which has enabled us to fund several children and youth camps in Central Asia this summer. These camps are extremely important for sharing the message but please remember these camps are illegal in several countries so please be careful how you share this information. Over the years many who have responded as children or youth are now themselves involved in leadership in these camps.

Last year we started to support a very small team of adult leaders wanting to help young people to go to universities. This team has undertaken to help ten young people leave very poor areas of the country and go to the capital to get further education. They are renting two apartments, one for boys and one for girls, providing food and helping with the cost of education fees. They have regular meetings for spiritual growth and oversight of these students. Wisely they expect the students to try to work to earn some funds to contribute to the costs. Next year they intend another six to join the group, if they pass the university entrance exams. Why is education and discipleship of these young people so important to us? Because these are the leaders of the future.

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