BGN What We Do

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What We Do

Our work started with helping orphans in Ukraine and has expanded to serve throughout Central Asia and Africa. We let God direct where we go and how we help. We support ministers and ministries that reach 1000s. We help with projects for young children, teens, adults and even communities. We assist with clothes, medicines, hospital care, and food. We help plant churches as well as crops. We provide materials for education and salaries for educators to reach those in desperate need of anyone that can teach. We might be called to provide a goat, a donkey and cart, a car or motorbikes for pastors, or books to supply schools in impoverished areas.

With each effort our desire is to share the Gospel through our actions.

What We Do

Practical Help

BGN focuses on helping the poor in tangible ways, attempting to alleviate their suffering in real and meaningful ways. We started by taking care of the needs of orphans, and continue to do so to this day. There is a multitude of vulnerable children in poor nations, and it is our desire to let them know they are loved and cared for – and that they are not alone. We also offer practical help in the form of economic assistance through a variety of projects that teach people skills to produce a living.

Offering Hope

Bringing Good News doesn’t just offer help to people in need, we also offer hope – the hope of a better life found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that through following the teachings of the Bible, it is possible to break the grip of poverty and to experience a better life. The charity tries to be an instrument through which people can both hear about the truth and love of Jesus, and experience that trust and love in practical ways.


Often we help people and projects simply because there is an urgent need for help. However, we believe it is our purpose to encourage people and projects that develop self-sufficiently rather than dependency upon outside aid. One example is the Seed for Feed program, which teaches orphans how to grow food. We have provided everything from goats (to freed brick kiln slaves in Pakistan) to motorcycles (to pastors in South Sudan traveling long distances to minister to their churches). The goal of BGN is not to make people dependent on us or any other outside aid, but rather to give them the tools they need to support themselves.

Encourage Others

Bringing Good News tries to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve in Africa, Central Asia and Ukraine. But we also strive to make a difference in the lives of people in the West – primarily the United Kingdom and the United States. Many people are very generous and want to give to those in need. Although we are a small charity our purpose is to try to encourage others to help us to make a difference – be it through financial, practical, or prayer support. The most successful way of encouraging others to help is to take church groups from the UK or USA to underprivileged areas in Africa or Central Asia, in order to see the many problems faced by these poor communities.