You Have Put A Smile On Their Face

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Sabir Masih and his family are the 46th family you have freed from the brick kilns. Your support has transformed the life of this family. This is the report that I received: “I am glad to share that Sabir Masih has been released from the brick kiln slavery and started new [...]

From Slavery to Sunday School Teacher

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In December 2015 through your support Javed Masih and his family were set free from slavery in the brick kilns. He is now a Sunday school teacher in Lohara Wala where 15 Christian families are enslaved. Shahzad writes, “The place that is given to the labourers is not in a [...]

Education, Education, Education

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This article was originally posted on Thursday, 24 November 2016 Thanks to your support we have been funding eleven schools and nineteen Sunday schools in or near the brick kilns of Pakistan. You also allow us to fund eight young people to attend Gujranwala Christian Technical Training College which has [...]

Giving the Gift of Education

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There are many remarkable and faithful people who serve the people working in the brick kilns of Pakistan. Two of those remarkable folks are Taskeen Yousaf and her daughter Shaina (pronounced Shy-nuh). Together, they help oversee nine brick kiln schools, teaching the children in those schools everything from math [...]

Girls Sewing Graduation

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Mrs. Taskeen giving sewing machine and certificate to one of the graduates Thanks to your support we were able to fund six sewing centres in Pakistan this year. These vulnerable Christian girls attending the sewing centres learnt how to cut, sew and make garments. They also received great encouragement from [...]

The Importance of Education

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One of the few ways to help children out of poverty is to help them receive education. That is why we are supporting 11 schools in the brick kilns of Pakistan. In certain areas of Pakistan you can see miles and miles of tall chimneys with black smoke drifting out [...]

It Can Be A Tough Life

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Nadeem forced to make bricksI heard about an old man called Ghafoor working in a brick kiln. He had an invalid daughter called Bushara and a 10 year old grandson called Nadeem living with him and his wife in the brick kiln. Sadly Ghafoor died and his debt was transferred [...]

A Small Milestone

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Thanks to our supporters we have just funded the release of the 30th family from slavery in the brick kilns in Pakistan. Shahzad Kamran, a key partner in Pakistan, has been used by God to help us release 29 of those families working as bonded labourers. He wrote:   “Brother I am [...]