Simple Schools

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Through your gifts we are supporting six simple schools in the brick kilns and next year I hope we can make it seven. These simple schools are helping the children of families forced to work in the brick kilns. Most of the parents are illiterate. It is an attempt to [...]

Donkey and Water Cart

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For those with long memories you will recall we bought and transported 3 donkeys up to a farm in Northern Zambia to help cultivate the land to support Christian ministries in the country. Well we have just gone into the donkey business again. For the last three years the principal [...]

A Precious Gift

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I remember listening to a sermon several years ago where the preacher said that 80% of all believers in the United States come to faith before the age of 15. That figure really stuck in my mind. It simply emphasises the importance of all those who are involved in children’s [...]

A Million Dollars

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I don't often write about Central Asia or show pictures of the people we are helping so that they do not get in trouble with the authorities. However we are still quietly helping a number of different people and projects in these countries. A friend of mine who works in [...]

Yes… But What Can I Do?

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18 months ago I was in the Nuba Mountains witnessing great celebrations of the first graduation ceremony from Bishop Korkiel Bible College which your support was helping to build. Since that time the Khartoum government has sent troops and planes to destroy the Nuba people. The Bible College was bombed [...]