A Million Dollars

I don’t often write about Central Asia or show pictures of the people we are helping so that they do not get in trouble with the authorities. However we are still quietly helping a number of different people and projects in these countries. A friend of mine who works in Central Asia told me about a church that has been praying for 7 years for new windows and doors. He said the building was extremely cold in winter. I was so touched by a group that had faithfully prayed for 7 years that we agreed to fund new windows and doors.

My friend said, “You would think you had given them a Million Dollars from the joy and celebration that erupted in response to your gift.”

Their youth met in a room where pigs used to live and still had a dirt floor. We were able to help them make improvements to this room as well as buy kettles, tables, plates and cutlery to feed poor families.

This Christmas your support allowed us to help them provide 200 food parcels containing sugar, oil, flour and rice for the elderly and very needy families in this extremely poor area of Central Asia.

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