A Precious Gift

This article was originally posted on May 22, 2013

I remember listening to a sermon several years ago where the preacher said that 80% of all believers in the United States come to faith before the age of 15. That figure really stuck in my mind. It simply emphasises the importance of all those who are involved in children’s ministries. The Agape puppet ministry (visit it here http://www.theagapepuppets.org/home.html) is a wonderful example of lives wisely spent sharing the love of Christ with as many children as possible seeing each child as a precious gift.

We have also invested our time and resources in helping people in children’s ministries. One of the groups we have supported for the last ten years run children’s camps in Central Asia. It costs about $30 (£20) for each child to attend a summer camp for a week. At the camps they receive food, fun, love and good news. The camps are then followed by offering the children the opportunity to receive regular correspondence with the team leaders.

If you would like to give a child a precious gift of one week’s relief from their regulard grind of poverty where they can receive fun, food and hope for the future then please consider giving a gift. $30 (£20) for one child for a whole week would make a valuable gift.

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