Quietly Pleased

John Symons, one of my trustees, had a great trip to Pakistan where he visited and encouraged the leaders and teachers of the brick kiln schools. He also visited 6 of the 17 Sunday schools that we also support. One of the aspects that really pleased me from the trip was to learn from John that some of the children who have attended our primary schools have now started to go to a secondary government school. This is such good news for us as our hope has been to educate some of the children to a level where they can break free of the poverty trap. By going to a secondary school, it is much more likely they will reach a level of education where they can find a very different life. Our other hope has been that the children would clearly understand what it means to be a Christian. In all the schools there is a strong emphasis on Christian education and knowledge of the Bible.

Quote from one of the school teachers, “This is a blessed school. I teach everyday about Jesus and so many children are Christians. I never had the opportunity to teach like this before”.

I leave for Ukraine next Tuesday for nine days. I will be visiting orphanages, schools, speaking at meetings, travelling with the medical team, and possibly visiting a prison.

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