What Is Poverty?

I am writing this just after returning home from a fantastic trip to the USA where I received great hospitality and generosity. I thank all those I met in the States.

I have been invited to preach on poverty next Sunday so I have asked a few people for their definition of poverty. One said, “without God” another said, “when you have nothing to share with others” and another said, “hopelessness”. I have come to realise you can have spiritual poverty, educational poverty, relational poverty and financial poverty. Some materially poor people can be spiritually and friendship rich while some very financially rich folks can have a real poverty of friends and spiritual emptiness. We are trying to address all these levels of poverty through the ministry of Bringing Good News.

Through your support we are funding 12 schools in the brick kilns of Pakistan where this month we have provided each child a set of books for the year. These schools are not only giving education to the illiterate but also giving hope to the hopeless through learning about Christ. It is our aim that some of these children will reach a level of education that will help them break free of brick kiln slavery and poverty.

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