Twenty Years This Summer

It is almost twenty years since I first visited Mihilovka orphanage in Ukraine. As I sat outside the orphanage in the early morning praying I simply thought, I’m sure I could help these children. This started an amazing journey for me, leading to the setting up of the charity and meeting some wonderful Christians around the world. One of those outstanding Christians was Viktor, who I have now known and worked with for the over fifteen years, supporting his ministry among the orphans and very poor.

I noticed that when we visited an orphanage Viktor nearly always got older boys to help him. They either carried things for him or hand out something. He would often get them involved and of course there was always a sweet for them afterwards. I once asked him why he chose the older boys. He said, “if you get the older boys on your side they will keep the others in order, but if they are against you it will be very hard work.”

We have just sent funds to Viktor and when he replied he said, “thank you, now I can visit the orphanages this Easter and put on a programme for them.”

These are some of the things Viktor did with the funds we gave in the autumn. One orphanage received a shower cubicle for the children, another equipment for visually handicapped children. He also provided clothes, shoes, bed covers, soap, washing powder, tea, sugar, biscuits plus food for poor families with a large number of children.


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