From Slavery to Sunday School Teacher

In December 2015 through your support Javed Masih and his family were set free from slavery in the brick kilns. He is now a Sunday school teacher in Lohara Wala where 15 Christian families are enslaved.

Shahzad writes, “The place that is given to the labourers is not in a fit condition to live. There is garbage scattered in the street, there is one hand pump in a filthy place for all to use, no proper washrooms for them, only two very small rooms without ceiling, without door and without a proper toilet. It is very difficult for us to even think of living in such conditions but these brick workers are compelled to live here.”

He goes on to write, “Most of the labourers are Christians and there is no church here for guiding Christians about faith. People want to know the Bible but no pastor or evangelist goes there. In this situation we provided Christian teachings to these enslaved Christians through Sunday schools. We trained Javed Masih and equipped him with material to teach these innocent children. There are 35 children attending the Sunday school where they are learning about Jesus, singing songs, memorising scripture and learning Bible stories. The children must know they are not forgotten and that God cares for them.”

Your support is funding 21 Sunday schools in brick kilns and villages

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