A Hindu Nation

I was told Nepal is the only country in the world that claims to be a Hindu nation and there is a 5-year prison sentence for any Nepalese who tries to convert a Hindu, yet I met these humble, straightforward, often very poor pastors serving the Lord and sharing the gospel.

I traveled with a very good leader and teacher called Tika and my trip started with a three-day conference in Udaypur for 40 pastors, and on the last day some women also joined us. At the end of the conference we gave two books to each pastor; a New Testament Commentary and 100 Bible lessons. I heard the story how one day three men were walking home from work when they found a one-page tract saying “You need to meet with Jesus”. These three men were converted and became pastors but they were refused access to the drinking water in the village, refused to be given work and one of the pastor’s homes was burnt. The church where the conference was held was the fifth church planted from the first one started by these three men. Not only did we run the pastors’ conference and visit a number of churches, we also did five children’s programs in the villages.

I met the first convert from Janakpur who faced incredible opposition from the community. He faced threats, intimidation, a community declaration not to buy from his shop which he had to close and great hostility from the media. He is now a pastor with 8 groups meeting in the region. I met another pastor who led about 80 in his village to faith.  Sadly, during the earthquake in 2015 he was buried in the debris for three days and he lost his arm.

I thank you that your support has enabled us to bring great encouragement to the pastors.

Christmas blessings,


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