How Many Churches Have They Planted?

When visiting South Sudan, I was regularly requested by bishop Abraham and bishop Michael to help with the training of pastors. Through your support we started a Bible school in Aweil three years ago and one in Abyei two years ago.

On my recent trip to South Sudan I visited both the Bible schools that we fund. The two schools have a small library, regular teaching and now have solar power so the students can also study at night. Bishop Abraham asked me to visit some of the students who had graduated from Aweil Bible school this year to see the impact it was having on his church.

I visited the village of Aquangalang where I met pastor Philip. He told me when he was called to be a pastor he did not know how to speak or lead a church. He said the Bible school had opened his mind and now he was able to lead and speak. He had in fact planted four churches since leaving Aweil Bible school and was also trying to start a small primary school.

Bishop Abraham then asked me to visit Aroyo and meet two students Falino and Philip who had graduated this year. These two had become friends at the school and decided to work together. I was amazed when I visited them to find that with the help of pastor John Moyen, they had planted six churches. The largest had 300 people attending and the smallest 50.

Three students who have graduated this year have planted 10 new churches. I consider that a pretty good investment of your resources.

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