Big Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

About four years ago the Arabs came into Abyei and totally destroyed every single building in the town including all the churches. The local people are coming back in significant numbers and the believers are trying to rebuild this church. It will only cost $2500 to rebuild. With your support we have been able fund the rebuild. The pastor also needs an income so we have given $1000 to open a small shop to support both the pastor and the evangelist.
It is very sad to see the deteriorating situation in South Sudan. So many are desperately poor and people are dying of starvation. 70% of the youth have no work. There is a great need for income generating projects. We have funded the starting of seven small farms and intend to help them develop further farming skills. It costs about $500 to buy the tools, seed and a little food for the workers to start a farm. I hope next year we can start more farms.

Many pastors and evangelists have a limited knowledge of the Bible. It is crucial they receive further training. I am discussing with Bishop Abraham of Aweil how we can develop a simple but effective training programme. Education for the children is also a great need. The bishop is starting a church primary school and a secondary school for girls. At the moment there are no benches, no blackboards, no chairs for the teachers and no books but the bishop says we have Christian teachers and that is where we will start. I have just sent $500 to encourage them. I appreciate all of you who financially or prayerfully support our work!

May big oaks from our little acorns grow!

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