The Book of Common Prayer in Dinka Rik

I met Peter Dut Bol a few years ago living in a very rural village in South Sudan. He was a man of great faith who had a God given linguistic gift. His desire was to translate The Book of Common Prayer into Dinka Rik to help the Dinka pastors. I spoke with Bishop Abraham Nhial about this project. He said Dinka Rik was spoken by the largest majority of Dinka speaking people in South Sudan. He said it was very important and would be an enormous help to the Dinka pastors with little education. Through your support we have funded the translation and printing of 2000 copies of The Book of Common Prayer into Dinka Rik.

The books are now being distributed and the bishop said, “The prayer book is unique for the churches in Aweil, Abyei, Wau, Gogriel and Tonj because it will help the pastors with the liturgies of the Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, Holy Communion, Baptisms, Marriage, Funeral, Ordination of clergy, Morning prayer and Evening prayer. God bless the ministry of Bringing Good News and please thank all your supporters”

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