Supporting the Next Generation of Pastors in South Sudan

We are the sole supporters of two Bible schools in South Sudan to train pastors and leaders. There is a great need to teach and train the pastors to prepare their congregations with strong foundations against the constant challenge from Islam. The picture attached is of Bishop Malou’s pastoral and leadership training school in Aweil. There have been several improvements to the facilities since the photo was taken at the start of the training year.
It costs about $7000 a year to facilitate each of the training schools which is only about $700 per student.

This is what bishop Mamer the principal of the Bible school in Aweil wrote:

Dear Ian,

It is my joy and delights to inform you that our students at Bishop Malou’s Pastoral and Leadership have been given their exams and closed last two weeks.

The next academic year begins 8th January-30 March 2018.

The followings topics were covered during this period.

  1. Introduction to New Testament
  2. Introduction to Old Testament
  3. Psychology
  4. Sociology
  5. Islam
  6. English
  7. Sunday placement

In this Sunday Placement we allocated students to five local churches in Aweil town where I have instructed Pastors in-charge to give students opportunity to preach in their local churches in Aweil town (St Joseph Mathiang, Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Site Maper and Mathiang Two) and participate in leading Sunday services and any other church related activities such as readings Bible texts and songs. This is also aimed at providing them with opportunity to practice what they have learned for all these period and also see how each one can improve in preaching. Students have improved significantly in term of understanding, they could speak good English unlike the way they came. There had morning devotion every morning from 8:00am-9:00am

Thank you for your support of Bringing Good News and the pastor training schools we support in South Sudan. The believers and churches in Aweil and all across the nation benefit greatly from having pastors who have been trained how to study the Bible, how to preach God’s Word, and how to lead the body in such a difficult place.

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