49 and Growing….

Just imagine there is a crisis in your family and you need to borrow money. You have no collateral; your friends are poor and no credible bank will lend to you. Where would you go?

This is the situation for many poor Christian families in Pakistan. What do they do? They go to the Muslim brick kiln owners and borrow money on the condition they will work for the owner making bricks until they have paid off the debt. Sounds ok, but the problem is that you and your family can hardly make enough bricks to pay for your food let alone pay off the debt. For two months there is rain so you can’t make bricks. You borrow some more money and now you and your family are slaves to the owner.

Liaqat was making bricks for the last 8 years. Two months ago, he tried to earn some extra money by doing a job with a corn machine and there was a tragic accident where he lost his leg. Now he cannot work at the brick kiln. But the brick kiln management is forcing this family to repay the money or make bricks for them. We have sent funds to clear his debt and to start a small shop so he can still earn money even though disabled.

Thanks to your support we have now freed 49 families!



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