And Life Suddenly Changes

On my recent visit to Ukraine I met these two boys in the rescue shelter. Both were called Kolya, but not related. I was talking to the smaller one and he was telling me that he had two sisters in the rescue shelter with him. He also told me his mother was going to come soon and take them home but when I talked to the director he said, the mother was in prison and had lost her parental rights and would not be visiting. Life had suddenly changed for this family.

The larger 14-year-old boy came across to say thank you. His mother had just died and there was no one to look after him so he was in the shelter. Life had also suddenly changed for him. We cannot alter the past for these boys but through your support these are the type of children we are trying to help. Viktor and a Sunday school teacher regularly visit the shelter taking with them food, small gifts, Bible stories and a genuine love for the children.

I leave for Nepal 2nd December where I will be speaking at a conference for 40 pastors and visiting villages to share the gospel. Please pray it will be a fruitful trip.


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