When Did We See You Hungry?

Thanks to your generous support not only have we been funding Viktor in Ukraine to help orphans and children from very poor families but also now refugees from the Donbas region of Ukraine. Viktor wrote that every day Maxim and others come asking for food. He thanks you for helping him to provide warm clothes, blankets and food for the refugees as well as supporting his work amongst the orphans. He especially has tried to help the mums with children who have come as refugees. Last winter he said 36,000 refugees came from Eastern Ukraine to his home city of Kirovograd. Viktor says they know that it will be hard again this winter, that if the situation deteriorates any more he expects people to come en masse from the Donbass region. He wrote, “Our country is in a big crisis.”

It is my intention to visit Viktor and others in Ukraine this October where I hope we will be able to continue to support those in great need.

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