Kindness Can Lead to Smiles

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Since I returned from Nepal in December, I learnt about extreme poverty in a Nepalese hill village. Thanks to your kindness we have been able to provide warm blankets for 60 families and warm clothes for 150 children living in the village. The gospel was shared and simple literature distributed. [...]

Seed to Feed

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In 2003 I met a missionary’s daughter called Julia Symons who wanted to help widows living in rural areas of Zambia looking after Aids orphans. She had the idea of taking a pastor with her and walking to the rural villages with a rucksack full of practical and spiritual helps [...]

A Million Dollars

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I don't often write about Central Asia or show pictures of the people we are helping so that they do not get in trouble with the authorities. However we are still quietly helping a number of different people and projects in these countries. A friend of mine who works in [...]