Seed to Feed

In 2003 I met a missionary’s daughter called Julia Symons who wanted to help widows living in rural areas of Zambia looking after Aids orphans. She had the idea of taking a pastor with her and walking to the rural villages with a rucksack full of practical and spiritual helps for these widows. This initiative was the beginning of the Seed to Feed programme that we have supported in two different locations in Zambia for the last 10 years.

We have been providing seed and fertiliser for the widows to grow the food for the orphans that they have been looking after. At the end of each year after the harvest each widow would return one bag of seed to be used to help other widows also looking after orphans.

As our commitments in other parts of the world have increased and as in one location the local church is helping the widows to grow food we have decided this is the last year we will continue to fund the Seed to Feed programme. However we are still supporting a Zambian missionary couple church planting in Mozambique.

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