A Double Blessing

I wrote in April about the terrifying ordeal of the residents of Joseph Christian colony which was attacked by an inflamed Muslim mob that burnt and destroyed 178 homes, causing 258 families to flee for their lives. SLMP, one of the organisations we support in Pakistan wanted to help these families in the colony that had experienced so much trauma.

SLMP has set up sewing centres to teach and train vulnerable Christian girls a skill that will help them earn some funds for their families. These girls decided they wanted to make dresses for all the ladies in Joseph colony. We provided the funds for the material and the girls made the dresses. They felt blessed to be able to use their new skills to help others.

Although the ladies in Joseph colony had experienced a great and terrifying ordeal they felt encouraged and blessed that they had not been forgotten by their brothers and sisters. They appreciated that these girls had personally made lovely dresses for each one of them.

It is a pleasure to work with SLMP as they help and encourage many marginalised Christians.

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