The Thrill of Mission

Sasha and myself with orphansMany of the children I meet in the orphanages and internats have slight mental issues or learning difficulties and find concentration difficult. The tricks and pictures worked really well in helping to keep their attention. The programme was a bit noisy at times but when I reached the Lord’s Prayer everyone quietened down and listened. I then asked them if they would all stand. I gave them an opportunity to pray and many in a loud voice prayed that they wanted to follow Jesus. This is the thrill of mission.

Viktor told me there are 450 refugee children now living in Kirovograd from Donetsk and Luhansk region who have run away from the fighting. He also said Russia had turned off the gas supply to Ukraine which means they will have a very cold winter. The institutions were already cold. Even the mother and child unit was cold.

Viktor said there is a great need for warm clothes and blankets for these refugee children. He said the cost of a coat, shoes and a blanket for a child is about $100 and trousers or a skirt with a sweater plus a warm pair of socks will cost a further $30. I left some funds for Viktor to buy clothes and blankets but I hope we will be able to send additional funds to help more refugee children keep warm.

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