What Is The Price Of Freedom

A young man called Shahzad has been an inspiration for us to become involved in the brick kiln ministry in Pakistan. So far we are supporting 6 schools,11 Sunday schools, a few sewing centres and so far set 20 families free from slavery in the brick kilns. I am amazed what a small group of people can achieve.

Sadly our friend has a brain tumour and has to go into hospital for a serious operation. He asked before he went into hospital if we could set two more families free. He said he had identified two families where both the fathers were born into slavery and have spent all their lives labouring to make bricks. They do not want their children to grow up as slaves, but to be free and receive an education. The total cost to set these families free and set up a small business is $3200.

We are only a very small charity with a few supporters but within a very short space of time someone had contributed to help set these two families free. I am very grateful for their support. What a wonderful investment this couple have made with their money.

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