Clothed in Dignity

Many of you have expressed an interest in supporting vulnerable Christian girls living in Pakistan. These lovely gentle Christian girls often have to work in Muslim homes as maids where they are open to serious abuse. Your support has allowed us to help first of all in the sewing centres where they learn sewing skills and then in their own sewing workshops. These workshops provide dignity to the girls and allow them to earn an honest income for their families in a safe environment without fear of abuse.

Your gifts have allowed us recently to provide 50 sewing machines to girls who have graduated from the sewing centres and to start another workshop. These girls in the picture are very skilled at making beautiful dresses in a safe environment and are selling them through their own little shop. The girls who are less skillful can still get orders from the market for simpler garments and have the dignity of providing for their families without being called sweepers or brick kiln slaves. Later in the year we will be funding the start of another sewing centre in a different brick kiln area.

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