A Terrible Evil

Sajjid Masih and his wife Saima were brick kiln labourers working at a brick kiln owned by Yousaf Gujjat situated in Chack number 59, near Kot Rada Kishan, in Kasur district of Punjab province of Pakistan. They had 3 young children Salman, Sonya and Poona.

The exact details are a little hazy but I was told that Sajjid and Saima has been locked up in a room on the site of the brick kiln by the owner maybe to try to extract money from them or because they had done something he was not happy with. An illiterate street seller said that he had seen pages of the Quran burnt at the brick kiln. No burnt pages were ever found. The street seller went to the mosque and told the Mullah who contacted four or five other mosques.

I was told that, “Early in the morning of November 4, 2014, around 5am to 6am the mosque loudspeakers of five surrounding villages were used to call Muslims to gather and teach a lesson to the blasphemer Christian couple who had disgraced the Holy Quran. There was a call to gather and kill those blasphemers.”

Without any evident the mob arrived at the brick kiln and broke into the room where Sajjid and Saima were being held and pulled them outside and severely beat them with sticks. Then they stripped them of their clothes, tied them up and then attached them with a rope to a tractor and dragged them around the brick kiln Next it became even worse, suddenly they dragged the young couple up onto the top of the brick kiln and roasted them to death. All that was left was a few bones, a shocked and grieving family and community and three small parentless children.

If you read this article and are moved by the cruelty and injustice please would you consider helping us as we try to lift up the Christian brick kiln families working as slaves making bricks in incredibly harsh conditions. Education and training will eventually change the next generation . Would you consider helping us as we sponsor schools, Sunday schools, sewing centres and buy sewing machines for the girls.

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