Simple Schools

Through your gifts we are supporting six simple schools in the brick kilns and next year I hope we can make it seven. These simple schools are helping the children of families forced to work in the brick kilns. Most of the parents are illiterate. It is an attempt to lift up some of the poorest and most exploited people in the community. Yes they are very basic schools. Most have only one dark room without any windows or they sit outside under a tree. Yes they only have one teacher and four different levels in one classroom. Yes many sit on the floor but each child has a book and they are learning to read and write, add and subtract not only in Urdu but also in English. One teacher has taught her class to memorise 50 verses from the Bible in Urdu and 20 in English. These simple schools are already lifting up and encouraging the communities. It only costs about $225 a month for each school. One school has 40 children attending. To educate 40 children for $225 a month is surely great value. Would you consider helping us support these schools?

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