It’s For You

An artist friend of mine painted this picture of a colourful harlequin offering this extravagant, colourful bouquet of flowers and it’s for you. Imagine you are standing on a balcony and he is looking up at you and is offering you this wonderful gift.

The painting stimulated me to think about the grace of God. Like the colourful harlequin God is a colourful, creative and an artistic God and He is offering you an undeserved and extravagant gift but it is not an abundant colourful bouquet of flowers but His son. The gift He is offering you is a baby and they called Him, Saviour, Emmanuel, Anointed One and Prince of Peace. God is offering this incredibly priceless gift to you. The painting helps me think about the great generosity of our God.

I would like to thank all of you who have given so generously to Bringing Good News this year whether financially or through your prayers. Your generosity has helped many people.

May you experience something of God’s priceless gift of grace this Christmas.

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