Education, Education, Education

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This article was originally posted on Thursday, 24 November 2016 Thanks to your support we have been funding eleven schools and nineteen Sunday schools in or near the brick kilns of Pakistan. You also allow us to fund eight young people to attend Gujranwala Christian Technical Training College which has [...]

Giving the Gift of Education

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There are many remarkable and faithful people who serve the people working in the brick kilns of Pakistan. Two of those remarkable folks are Taskeen Yousaf and her daughter Shaina (pronounced Shy-nuh). Together, they help oversee nine brick kiln schools, teaching the children in those schools everything from math [...]

Supporting the Nuba People: 6 Students Graduate

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Your support allowed us to fund 6 Nuba students to attend Yei teacher training college in South Sudan. These students graduated on 6th December 2014 and have courageously returned to the Nuba Mts to be primary school teachers. Bishop Andudu asked for our help with the education of the children [...]

Simple Schools

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Through your gifts we are supporting six simple schools in the brick kilns and next year I hope we can make it seven. These simple schools are helping the children of families forced to work in the brick kilns. Most of the parents are illiterate. It is an attempt to [...]

Where Would You Be Without Education?

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President Bashir apparently said we will either win the Nuba Mountains by the ballot or the bullet. They did not win the ballot so he made Ahmed Haroun, wanted by ICC for war crimes in Darfur, the State governor. On 6thJune 2011 they sent in the Antanov bombers and MiG [...]

How Many Churches Has This Man Planted?

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I recently met Isaiah while I was in Aweil, South Sudan. He was captured by the Arabs during the war while trying to sell fish. He was beaten and tortured and expected to die. Miraculously God saved him and after several days was set free. His miraculous release from expected [...]