Only A Dollar

Your support for the charity allowed us to sponsor children’s Christmas programmes in Ukraine, Pakistan and Central Asia this winter. This particular children’s programme in Central Asia (pictured above) provided hot food, sweets and a drink of tea for 65 children and 65 parents. The cost was only about one dollar (70p) per person. That’s what I call real value for your money. In addition to supporting the children’s programme we also provided the church with funds to help widows and elderly poor in their community. The church gave away 50 bags of food for these vulnerable poor as a practical expression of God’s love at Christmas The food parcel included rice, sugar, oil and pasta. The package only cost 6 dollars 40 cents (£4.20)

If you would like to support this work I would like to mention all administration costs are paid by Helen and myself so any gift that you give to the charity goes directly to the point of need without any deductions.

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