It’s So Sad

When I visited Abyei in August 2012 I met pastor Santino Jok along with many others who had run for their lives when the North Sudan troops had come in and opened fire on a defenceless civilian population. It was so sad to see every single building totally destroyed except the mosque. Every house, every church, every school and every shop totally destroyed. The South Sudanese people are now returning but they have almost nothing.

Bishop Abraham Nhial wrote to me, “The people in Abyei town need their pastor to move back to Abyei but they need your support to build a local thatch house for him. The pastor’s house was burnt by the Khartoum government in 2011.” Thanks to your support we have sent the funds for the pastor to build a small thatched house so he can help his people.

It is so disappointing to hear of the recent fighting in South Sudan. Bishop Abraham Nhial wrote about the conflict, “We cannot believe what is happening because South Sudan is a nation that just came out from the longest suffering but our politicians have already forgotten what we went through, very sad.” Another South Sudanese friend wrote, “It is indeed a great shame to see that South Sudanese are killing each other not their enemies.”
I have met some lovely people in South Sudan please pray, they have suffered so much.

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