Outrageous Injustice

On my recent visit to Pakistan with one of my trustees we met Agnes who had experienced outrageous injustice. Agnes was a nurse who was always ready to help the poor and needy people living in her vicinity. There was an old lady in Agnes’ town who had a piece of land that a Muslim property owner was trying to steal. The old lady went to court to try to defend her land and Agnes went along to support the old lady. Afterwards Agnes was badly beaten for supporting the old lady and was falsely accused of blasphemy. She spent nine months in jail and was then released on bail for a further two years. During these 3 years she has attended the court 27 times and in that period not once have the blasphemy accusers turned up at court. Nearly 3 years have been taken away from Agnes simply for supporting an old lady. 27 court appearances and not once have the blasphemy accusers attended the court. It’s outrageous injustice. In addition to this she had to borrow money to pay for all the court attendances and legal fees and now the lender was demanding exorbitant interest because she could not pay the money back. Thanks to your support we paid off her debt.

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