The Gospel of Love

I am writing this letter at a time when Russia has invaded Crimea and taken Ukraine territory. It would seem that on nearly every continent there is fighting and injustice. Despite the fear and injustice that stalks so many families in our world we still celebrate the gospel of love.

Through your support we share with many adults and children the gospel of love. In Ukraine this winter Viktor and his team visited 10 orphanages and institutions plus a centre for physically handicapped children. Viktor wrote, “On every celebration we prayed to God and were thankful for sending His Saviour into the world.” At the end of each celebration they gave gifts and food. Your support allowed these children to hear the gospel story that tells of a God who loves them.

I recently heard of a very brave man working in very dangerous situations described as an ambassador of love. I thought what a great title. I think Viktor could also rightly be called an ambassador of love. For many orphans and children in Ukraine he is like a loving father they never had. He is an ambassador of love bringing the gospel of love.

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