Bringing Joy

We partner with Shahzad Kamran of Vast Vision Ministries to help bonded slaves working in the brick kiln factories of Punjab. We have recently funded a Christmas celebration programme for over 500 children from the brick kilns. All the different Sunday school children that we support attended and took part in the programme. After the children’s performances they were all given a Christmas meal and gifts to take home.

A 28 year old lady called Fouzia said, “This is first time in my life that I am happy otherwise every day of my life is a challenge for me. In 28 years of my life there was not even a single day that gave me reason to live but today when I see little children with a rapturous joy my heart is filled with joy. This is first time I celebrated Christmas celebrations. For me life just means make bricks every day. Nothing else, but now I have experienced the love of God!


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