Finding the Right Person

Bringing Good News believes that if you find the right person to support you can achieve great results. I have met many wonderful people serving the Lord faithfully in many different parts of the world and serving in a variety of ways but for this newsletter I would like to highlight Viktor Doroshenko. He is a man who has an extraordinary love for children and a rare ability to relate to some of the poorest and often quite difficult children. How many at the age of 60 would have young men and very young children calling out their name and running up to them for a hug. But for the last 10 years I have seen that happening with Viktor. I have spent the last week with Viktor in orphanages, rescue shelters, internats and even a mums and baby unit doing a programme of tricks and Bible stories telling the children about Jesus, and everywhere we go both staff and children just love this man. Whether it is boys in Znamenka handicapped internat or a little boy in the rescue shelter they all love Viktor. Maybe it’s the treats he brings but to many of these children he is like a father. If Viktor is not visiting children’s hospitals, the orphanages, internats or the rescue shelters then street children and those who are most in need know where to find him. He will be sitting in his own little rescue shelter always ready to give some food or clothes to them and always prepared to talk about the Bible. He has no heating in his shelter saying, “if the street kids can manage without then so can I.”

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