Girls Sewing Graduation

Mrs. Taskeen giving sewing machine and certificate to one of the graduates

Thanks to your support we were able to fund six sewing centres in Pakistan this year. These vulnerable Christian girls attending the sewing centres learnt how to cut, sew and make garments. They also received great encouragement from the teachers and a better hope for the future. 125 girls completed the one year course and we were able to purchase 80 sewing machines for the most able and deserving girls thanks to your gifts.

I have been told many Christian girls are doing domestic work in Muslim houses, where they can face maltreatment, sexual abuse, implication in false theft cases and forced conversion. Your support has enabled these girls to earn a respectable living and help their families.

Nazia one of the girls said, “I am thankful for the opening of the sewing centre in our area for Christian girls. Now I can stitch any design of ladies dress in just two hours and I am also earning by stitching the clothes at my home. I am thankful for giving me a machine.

Thank you for your support!

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