Only A Dollar

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Your support for the charity allowed us to sponsor children’s Christmas programmes in Ukraine, Pakistan and Central Asia this winter. This particular children’s programme in Central Asia (pictured above) provided hot food, sweets and a drink of tea for 65 children and 65 parents. The cost was only about one [...]

Will You Take a Risk?

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On 20th May 2011 the Northern Muslim army dressed rebels in SPLA uniforms, with an SPLA flag and singing SPLA songs they marched into Abyei, a town of 120,000 in South Sudan of mainly Christian Dinkas. They mingled amongst the civilians and then opened fire killing many people while others ran [...]

Bishop Abraham of Aweil in South Sudan Writes…

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This letter dated 5th May 12 is to update you all about the current war situation in South Sudan, as many of you have seen it in television and read it in the newspapers; the war is back to us. As we are watching television and reading about what going [...]

How Many Churches Has This Man Planted?

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I recently met Isaiah while I was in Aweil, South Sudan. He was captured by the Arabs during the war while trying to sell fish. He was beaten and tortured and expected to die. Miraculously God saved him and after several days was set free. His miraculous release from expected [...]

First Graduation from Bishop Ngalamu Bible College

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We have supported Bishop Ngalamu Bible College in Mundri, South Sudan with beds, mattresses, mosquito nets and desks. We also helped them start a small agricultural project at the college. On Saturday 17th December 2011 they held their first graduation of 14 Bible College students who have spent three years [...]