Rejoicing in the Darkness

An evangelist in Aweil said to me we are living in the darkness. By that he meant there was no electricity, no TV, no running water and in many villages no schools or medical clinics. We are starting from ground zero he said. Yet as I travelled around Northern Bahr el Gazhl with Bishop Abraham Nhial crowds and crowds came singing and dancing to hear him speak. At one place in Jorbioch over 2000 people came to worship and meet the bishop. The gospel had only reached this area in 1995 and there were already 9 churches. On one single day I saw the bishop confirm 570 people.

Yet life is not all rejoicing. While I was travelling with the bishop 3 times the Northern troops with heavily armed Arab Misseriya attacked the people in Abyei which is in South Sudan and the United Nations peace keepers did nothing to stop them.

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