Remaining Focused

I don’t often write about the work in Ukraine but we continue to support Viktor and his team as they visit orphanages, help children living on the streets and care for children from very poor families. We especially fund the team to visit 14 orphanages, internats, rescue shelter or institutions for children with learning difficulties.

Over 1000 children at Christmas and Easter will hear the story of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus and what it means to believe in Him. Victor writes, “we are thankful to God and to you for your financial support that was used to give gifts to the children and to allow us to keep working with them” After a visit to one orphanage several children came to Viktor’s church in Kirovograd and 6 of the children prayed to receive Jesus as their Saviour.

As a small Christian charity it is very important that we remain focused on telling children and adults about the good news of Jesus and the gift of eternal life that he offers to all who believe in Him.

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