It’s Just Not Right….

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On my recent visit to the brick kilns in Pakistan I saw Shahid and his brother Ilya helping their enslaved parents to make bricks. Surely it’s not right for children as young as 4 and 6 to be forced to make bricks? There are literally thousands of Christian families enslaved [...]

A Double Blessing

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I wrote in April about the terrifying ordeal of the residents of Joseph Christian colony which was attacked by an inflamed Muslim mob that burnt and destroyed 178 homes, causing 258 families to flee for their lives. SLMP, one of the organisations we support in Pakistan wanted to help these [...]

I Was Blind But Now I See

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Pastor Younas Shahab serves the Lord’s people in a very poor area of Pakistan. He worked hard building a church with savings from his own labour. He was a faithful servant of God but a few months ago his faith was tested when he got seriously sick. All of a sudden [...]