Free At Last

I first met Chanan Masih in October 12 when this 80 year old man with a broken leg was helped into the office of VVM. He was followed by his very frail almost blind son called Shokrat. We learnt this 80 year old man and his blind son were still being forced to make bricks because they were bonded slaves labouring in the brick kilns. We also learnt the brick kiln owner had the deeds in Chanan Masih’s house. We paid for Shokrat to visit a hospital to have his eyes checked and they found he had cataracts in both eyes so we funded two eye operations and he has now regained his sight.

The next task was to free this elderly man from slavery and to get the deeds of his house returned. It proved a very difficult task but Shahzad Kamran of Vast Vision Ministries persevered and after a number of months eventually negotiated a price for his release and the return of the deeds for his house. We sent the necessary funds but it still took several visits before Shahzad phoned me and said, “I have good news Chanan Masih is now free and he has the deeds of his house.”

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