I Was Blind But Now I See

Pastor Younas Shahab serves the Lord’s people in a very poor area of Pakistan. He worked hard building a church with savings from his own labour.

He was a faithful servant of God but a few months ago his faith was tested when he got seriously sick. All of a sudden he became paralysed in one arm and became blind. His family were in a critical situation; his children left school and his two daughters went to work in the brick factory to provide food and to pay for medicine for their father. The door of misery opened for them.

Praise God for the Bringing Good News supporters who gave funds to release the girls from bonded slavery and provide medical treatment for the father.

After Pastor Younas started to visit the hospital and receive treatment he miraculously regained his sight Kiran his daughter wrote,

“I cannot express how I am pleased for this donation. I promised God that when He will set us free from slavery I will serve His people in our church and I will also share gospel in villages in our surroundings……… It seemed very difficult, in fact it was impossible for us to return the a mount of loan and to afford expenses of my father’s treatment but God is so good, He is the God of impossibilities, He is living God who answers and He answered our prayers.”

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