Viktor – the Most Extraordinary Man

For over 20 years Viktor Doroshenko has been caring for poor families with a large number of children and visiting and helping orphans and street children, yet the highest academic qualification to his name is that of a bee keeper.

One of the stories that Viktor told me was about the village of Krasnya. Although the church was opposite the Internat School they could not get any children to go their Sunday school so they asked Viktor for help. The old ladies in the church said the director of the school was very difficult because her mother had Tarot cards and many people visited her. Viktor went to the school and as he got there a child who he had helped in the past called out to Viktor and they started to talk. The director saw the conversation and asked Viktor how he knew the girl and he explained. He then asked if he could bring a programme with a puppet theatre to the school and the director agreed. When the programme was finished Viktor knew he could not pray because the eyes of the teachers were looking at him with hostility. He told them he went to many Internats and there were always children who knew the Lord’s Prayer. He said I’m sure some of you know the prayer, maybe a grandma has taught you. Does anyone here know the Lord’s Prayer? Two hands went up, one a young girl and one a 14 year old boy who was very poorly dressed and rather dirty. Viktor asked the boy to come down and help him lead the children. He then asked the children what they should do to be respectful. Someone said they should stand so they all stood and with a loud voice the boy led them in the prayer. Several children now go to the Sunday school in the church including the 14 year old boy.

I asked Viktor why he chose the boy and not the girl. He said that a well dressed girl in an Internat will never be your helper. A poorly dressed boy can be your helper. If the boy is not on your side he can be against you. Viktor later learnt from some of the old ladies in the church that the boy’s grandma had been a believer but his mother was an alcoholic and that was why he was dirty and poorly dressed. They also said they had been praying for 5 years for the director of the Internat School to have a change of heart towards Christians.

Viktor told me that over 400 children came into the Rescue Shelter last year and most of them had to be taken away from alcoholic or bad home situations.

Thank you for your support which enables us to help Viktor as he visits and helps so many children.

Dr Alexander Doroshenko told me that this year they had led 44 evangelistic events in different villages in Ukraine and supported two camps in Crimea, one for disabled children and one for disabled adults.

I visited a village with the Medical team and saw very effective ministry amongst the poor. Their service and medication is given completely for free.

Your support allowed us to purchase a second hand electrocardiograph and an instrument to look into ears and eyes. We also gave them funds so they can give away free medication.

I will be travelling with John Symons, one of my trustees, to Pakistan on 26th October. We have a full programme arranged with 6 one day conferences, evening meetings, schools, a youth event and visiting the Brick kilns and sewing centres.

Every blessing,


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