Building A Team

I have recently returned from Ukraine where I visited 9 children’s institutions performing tricks, telling bible stories and listening to children pray to follow Jesus. I have come to realise how much I depend upon a whole team of people to achieve our aim to help the poor and vulnerable. Sasha translates into Ukrainian, Alexey organises my trips in Ukraine, Viktor knows the children and directors, Jo draws the pictures, my trustees in England and my directors in the States guide the charity forward but most of all your support whether through prayer or financial gifts are the bedrock of the charity.

I recently saw a film about Martin Luther King who was an incredible speaker during the civil rights era. I saw that he had a whole team of people around him, whom I had never heard of, that helped him achieve his dream. Most of us know Billy Graham as a great evangelist but he also had a team of men around him most of whose names I did not know.

I have come to realise we can achieve far more through being a team than we can as an individual. I thank you for the part you play in Bringing Good News whether large or small.

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